Advance Payments

University of Illinois accepts advance payments for anticipated future charges. However, the University’s policy on student account overpayments is to hold the credit balance for 30-45 days then refund it via direct deposit to the student’s designated bank account. So all advance payments must be accompanied by written notification that the excess funds are to be used for future charges. This notification must include the designated student’s name, University Identification Number (UIN), and the semester(s) in which the advance payment should apply.  The notification should be mailed or emailed to the following address:

Mail: University Student Financial Services & Cashier Operations
Attn: Accounts Receivable Operations
162 Henry Administration Building, MC-367
506 South Wright Street
Urbana, IL 61801

Subject: Advance Payment

Advance payments will be posted immediately upon receipt to the designated student's account where they will remain and be automatically applied to future charges as they are assessed until the payment is exhausted or the student graduates or leaves the University. If the student leaves the University before the payment is exhausted, the credit balance will be refunded via direct deposit to the student's designated bank account or mailed by check to the student.