Springfield Interviews

Springfield Entrance Interviews

Springfield student loan recipients must complete the Financial Counselor™ entrance interview each academic year they receive a student loan. Financial Counselor™ is an interactive web based program, available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for the students’ convenience.

In order to successfully complete Financial Counselor™, students will need the following information:

  • Type and amount of all student loans received to date, including loans awarded for the current academic year;
  • Type and amount of all financial aid accepted for the current academic year;
  • Estimate of tuition, fees, books, living and transportation expenses for the current academic year (exact amounts are not necessary).

To access Financial Counselor™, for Campus Based Student Loans (Federal Perkins, Health Professional, University Long Term Loans):

  • Log into Financial Counselor™
  • Select “Entrance Interview”
  • Follow program instructions through to completion
  • Enter student’s UIN (a missing or inaccurate UIN invalidates completion of Financial Counselor™).