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Payment Due Dates

Payment is due on the 28th of each month unless you are enrolled in the optional UI-Pay Payment Plan. Tuition and fee charges for fall and spring terms are billed in September and February respectively. Summer term charges are billed in June and/or July depending on enrollment.

  • Fall Tuition & Fees: September 28.
  • Spring Tuition & Fees: February 28.
  • Summer Tuition & Fees: June 28 or July 28.

Check UI-Pay monthly for charges accrued outside semesterly tuition & fee billing cycles. 

Student Account balances are expected to be paid in full by the due date. 


Financial Holds

University Bursar will place a hold on your student account that will prevent registration if:

  • You have a past due amount over $1,500.00. Log into UI-Pay to pay your balance. Once payment is received for the past due balance, the hold will automatically be removed within approximately 30 minutes. 
  • You need to rebalance your UI Payment Plan.
  • Your account is in Collections. To be eligible for registration, students with a 9C bursar collections hold must pay their full account balance.

Past due balances are subject to a late payment charge of $1.00 or 1.5%, whichever is greater, per month until your student account is paid in full. Account balances 60 days or more past due will be assessed a past due charge of $2.00 per month in addition to the late payment charge. Accounts placed in collections are charged a $42.00 administrative collection fee.



Room 162 (MC 367)
Henry Administration Bldg.
506 South Wright Street
Urbana, Illinois 61801
Phone (217) 333-2180


Room 1900 (MC 073)
Student Services Bldg.
1200 West Harrison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone (312) 996-8574


Room 1001
University Hall Building
One University Plaza
Springfield, Illinois 62703
Phone (217) 206-6727

Payment Address

University of Illinois Payment Center
Student A/R
28393 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1283

Do NOT send scholarship checks to this address. See Scholarship Payments section of our website for more information.