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Viewing My Student Account

Your student account is available online, via UI-Pay. Your student account shows real time account transactions and balance and is the official university bill. No paper bills will be mailed. Both students and Authorized Payers can access their student account to view and print all transactions. When you click on "View and Pay Accounts" on the left hand side of the screen in UI-Pay, it will look similar to the image below.

Each month that activity occurs on your student account, you will receive an email containing instructions to review recent activity in UI-Pay and pay any outstanding balance. You may provide one additional email address to receive these monthly notifications by selecting "User Preferences" from the UI-Pay menu.  

Follow the steps on the Access page to log into UI-Pay.

Sample bill showing visual layout of major sections described below

(A) Current Activity

Current Balance: This is your total account balance, including new charges.

Amount Due: This is the amount that must be paid by the due date. Allow 24 hours for new account activity to update.

Past Due Amount: Your delinquent balance that must be paid immediately. Allow 24 hours for new account activity to update.

(B) Make a Payment

Click here to pay your curent balance via e-check or credit card.

(C) Latest Statement

Statement Details: Displays the details of the bill.

View PDF: View the current bill. To print and download the bill, press or Ctrl + P on PC or Cmd + P on Mac. 

Due Date: Date that payment of the bill is due in full.

(D) Current Activities

Term: Displays the term (Fall, Spring, Summer), year, and campus (Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, Springfield) for the charges, financial aid and credits.

Date: Represents the day charges or credits (e.g., payments and financial aid) were posted to the student’s account.

Description: Explains the fees applied. For more information on tuition and fees, please see "How much do I owe?"

Charges: Shows tuition and fees charged to the student account. This includes housing, meal plan, library, and transportation charges.

Credits: Shows financial aid, scholarships, refunds and payments credited to the student account.

(E) Statement History

Displays current and past bills that include the billing date (the date the bill was generated), due date, verification that an email notification regarding the bill was sent to the student's university email address and the authorized payer (if applicable), and a link to the PDF of the bill to view and print.



Room 162 (MC 367)
Henry Administration Bldg.
506 South Wright Street
Urbana, Illinois 61801
Phone (217) 333-2180


Room 1900 (MC 073)
Student Services Bldg.
1200 West Harrison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Phone (312) 996-8574


Room 1001
University Hall Building
One University Plaza
Springfield, Illinois 62703
Phone (217) 206-6727

Payment Address

University of Illinois Payment Center
Student A/R
28393 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1283

Do NOT send scholarship checks to this address. See Scholarship Payments section of our website for more information.