Authorized Payers

Students may authorize a parent, guardian, spouse, sponsor or other individual to view their student account, make online payments, and receive FERPA protected account information. These individuals are called Authorized Payers.

Individuals who have been established as Authorized Payer can login here, then select "View & Pay Accounts".

To set up an Authorized Payer:

  1. Students login to UI-Pay, and follow the login instructions for your campus
  2. Select "Student Account",
  3. Next select "Authorized Payer" on left hand menu
  4. Click on the Button "Add New"

Following set up, an e-mail will automatically be sent to the Authorized Payer with their login name and a link to set up their password. Authorized payers will receive a monthly e-mail notification reminding them to view their student's account for recent activity and to pay any amount due by the due date.  If you have a Payment Plan established and would like the Authorized Payer to be able to view it and/or receive email notifications related to it, the Payment Plan Owner must click on the “Manage Authorized Payer Access” link located on the Payment Plan Details page of their plan.